Kickstart in the cafe


Currently, the cafeteria only sells Mountain Dew Kickstart Recharge in one flavor: blueberry pomegranate. (Photo credit: Caitlin Somerville)

When asked what their favorite thing about Mercy is, most girls would reply the food. How could they not? The cafeteria does a great job with an array of lunch options, in addition to soup and salad bars, snacks, and drinks available every day. Everyone stops in the caf at some point to grab something in between classes. There aren’t a lot of surprises regarding the options, but two weeks ago, the cafeteria staff was surprised when they received a shipment of Mountain Dew Kickstart.

“Our company automatically ships us new things from time to time,” said cafeteria worker Michele Belwood, “and about two weeks ago we received our first shipment of these energy drinks.”

Under the impression that Mercy wasn’t allowed to sell energy drinks, Ms. Belwood took the matter to her boss. The drinks were then placed in the cooler for students to purchase. There hasn’t been a problem with it; in fact, they sold out almost immediately in their first week.

“We went through the first shipment really quickly,” said Ms. Belwood. “We’ve ordered more, but sales have slowed down, although it is still a popular choice.”

While the majority of Mercy girls are still happy drinking water, Kickstart has proven itself a staple in the Mercy cafeteria and will remain for the foreseeable future.