One Bread, One Body

The Mercy cafeteria served only soup, bread, and tap water to students and staff on March 2. Many wondered what the real reason behind serving this simple, small meal was. And the reason is this: to remind all to be thankful for their blessings and be mindful of the less fortunate.

“The lesson [of the Lenten activity] is to focus on hunger and simplicity within our human family,” said Mercy Associate and Pastoral Minister Mrs. Judi Griggs-Dennis.

“Hopefully this activity will allow students and staff to truly appreciate things they normally take for granted,” said Youth Mercy Associate (YMA) member Nicole Belans. It can become easy to get caught up in materialistic items and pressure from peers, especially with Spring Break right around the corner.

“This project will help the Mercy community understand and possibly empathize with those who have very little to eat,” said Mrs. Dennis.

YMA contributed to the annual Lenten Bread and Soup activity by making posters, announcements, and holding prayer services for Mercy students.

“I know Mercy girls would rather eat chicken tenders, but this bread and soup meal reminds us how blessed we are,” said YMA member Rochelle Chezick.

Students had the opportunity to buy the meal or make a donation of $3 towards helping the less fortunate in the Appalachian Mountain region. Girls who bought the meal were asked to pay $5 instead of just the $3 minimum, with the extra donation of $2 going to the poor. In total, Mercy raised close to $400, which will be donated to the people of that region.

Pope Francis asks all people of the world to continue acting and praying for the less fortunate and poor, not just during Lent but the entirety of the year.

Enjoy this short video of Mercy girls enjoying their soup and bread – all for a great cause!