A Mercy Medley

“Salmagundi, Salmagundi, where the treats are really yummy! Salmagundi, Salmagundi, spend your money at Salmagundi!”


The Latin students who put on this year’s Salmagundi sale sold items ranging from candy to bracelets, drawing students and staff into purchasing the unique items for a holiday treat. (Photo credit: Molly Lyons)

Maybe it was the catchy song on the speaker in the morning or the Christmas tree twinkling in the hall, but the 2015 Mercy Salmagundi sale welcomed many students and staff members to engage in the fun.

The Mercy Salmagundi took place in the north alcove and the items were sold from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2.

The word “Salmagundi” is an English word that means “potpourri” or “hodge-podge.” Basically, it is an assortment of of different items, which is what the Mercy Salmagundi sale is all about.

The Salmagundi sale is a Mercy tradition that Latin students have been hosting for many years.

“The best thing about the Salmagundi sale is that it is a sale about everything and anything!” said Latin teacher Mrs. Lauren Marquard.

Items ranging from hair accessories to chocolate covered pretzels and Christmas ornaments to candles can all be bought at a low price at the sale. The trinkets are typically handmade, crafty creations. The Latin students make the gifts themselves, filling the table with uniqueness and a personal touch.

This event serves as a great fundraiser for Junior Classical League (JCL), the club which helps to run the sale. This past week, the Latin students raised over $200. This money will help to defer club costs, especially school buses and field trip expenses.

Mathematics teacher Mrs. Patricia Perry was a member of JCL during her years at Mercy.

“Back then, our big sellers were Latin themed mugs that we glazed, and fired with Sr. Marjorie, as well as potpourri ornaments,” Mrs. Perry said. “I still have some of those ornaments on my Christmas tree!”

Sr. Marjorie Allen, RSM, started Salmagundi around 1992. Sr. Marjorie, who will turn 100 on Feb. 16, lived with a retired sister who was a potter and had her own kiln. She is the oldest sister in the RSM community and is recognized as the creator of the Salmagundi sale.

“This year I bought a braided friendship bracelet and some chocolate covered pretzels,” said junior Coley Brown. “The bracelet had so many bright colors, I just fell in love with it. And the pretzels were delicious.”

“I bought a bunch of goodies last year, so I was really excited for this year’s sale,” said sophomore Becca Heaman. “I bought some chocolate for my brother and some candy canes for my mom at a very reasonable price.”