Joyeux Noël from Mercy French club


At the next French Club meeting, French club members will enjoy a slideshow featuring French Christmas scenes, such as this one of a French Christmas Market. (Photo credit: Karina Lloyd)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, even in the midst of after-school activities and the growing homework load, many people have one thing on their minds: Christmas. Each person usually has a set of traditions that his or her family celebrates during the holiday season. Just like our families, each country has its own ways to prepare for the special holiday, and that is just what French club is aiming to present at its next meeting.

 On Dec. 2, the Media Center will be transformed to display Christmas traditions from French-speaking countries all over the world. Much like the first meeting of the year, members will be split into groups, each representing a French-speaking country like Switzerland and Belgium. Members will “travel around the world” (to other tables), learning about the activities, food, music, and culture that is present in that country during the Christmas season.

Here are some tips the club leaders and club moderator Madame Cheryl Corte have for the upcoming meeting:

1. Make sure to pay attention to the facts at each table.

“We will be playing everyone’s favorite game, Kahoot, at the end of the meeting based on what the girls learned,” said sophomore club leader Emma Tomsich.

“The top two teams will win prizes,” added Madame Corte.

So if you’re interested in being a winner, try and take in as much culture as possible!

2. Bring an appetite.

“We’re planning on making a tropical drink from Haiti,” said Tomsich.

The rest of the snacks will have to be a surprise!  

3. Be ready to sing.

Have you been blasting Christmas music since Nov. 1? Now is your chance to learn to sing along to your favorite Christmas songs en français.

“We definitely plan on playing Christmas music in French, such as [the song] ‘Noël,'” said junior club leader Catherine Sawicky. “We also will be playing holiday and Christmas music from Martinque, Guadeloupe, and other more tropical French-speaking nations.”

The girls have met multiple times to plan this special holiday meeting and are very proud of their work. So if you’re looking for a way de-stress and get into the holiday spirit, make sure to stop by the next French club meeting on Dec. 2!