Mercy Quiz Bowl kicks off season


Despite a somewhat rough start to its season at its first meet at Detroit Country Day School last Tuesday, Mercy Quiz Bowl remains optimistic for the rest of the season. (Photo credit: Alana Sullivan)

Mercy Quiz Bowl had its first meet of the year of the East Division last Tuesday at Detroit Country Day School (DCDS). The novice team, captained by freshman Hannah Juday, played DCDS Upper, DCDS MS Gold, and Frankel Jewish Academy. The team beat DCDS MS Gold 230-175. The junior varsity team, captained by sophomore Ana Warner, played University of Detroit Jesuit (U of D) Black, U of D White, and Farmington. It beat Farmington 135-120.

The varsity team, captained by senior Carmela Sleva, played Frankel Jewish Academy, DCDS Blue, and Farmington. The team won no games.

Despite the somewhat shaky start to the season, players and team moderator Mrs. Katy Koskela believe that with new practice strategies and more out-of-school homework requirements the team as a whole will improve.

“I’m not too worried,” said Warner. “This year’s going to be a really good one. We’re doing so much more studying.”

Mrs. Koskela agrees that while the new club requirements may demand extra work from players, they will lead to greater success as the season progresses.

“It’s going to be tougher this year because some of the homework requirements for the club are much more difficult than last year,” said Mrs. Koskela. “But, I think there’s going to be so much

growth in the players.”

Sleva also remains optimistic for the rest of the season.

“I’m excited for the next meet,” said Sleva. “I just really want to beat U of D.”

The next Quiz Bowl meet will be at Mercy on Dec. 8