JCL’s terror-ific first meeting

Freshmen Pryianka John and Haley Williams show off their creations. (Photo by: Katherine Colleran)

Mercy’s Junior Classical League (JCL) chapter recently met after
school for the first time this year. The club leaders
introduced themselves and showed a presentation of pictures from the
club’s Greece and Italy trip over the summer.

After the presentation, club members were split into three groups. The
groups went to different stations which had information about Lemuria
– an ancient Roman festival meant to appease spirits of the dead.
Although this was celebrated in the spring in antiquity, JCL officers
wanted to learn about it around Halloween.

In one station, senior club officer Philomena Engel read the group a
scary ancient Roman story while members each enjoyed a snack of chips
and juice.

In another station, the groups made and decorated paper tombstones and
ghosts. They wrote names, dates, and causes of death on them in Latin.

Additionally, the groups created dessert monsters. Each individual had
the chance to use food such as marshmallows, pretzels, and icing to
make a creature. Afterward, they could eat their delicious treats.

JCL is scheduled to meet again on Dec. 9.