Delegates wrap up MUN season

An exciting season for Mercy’s Model United Nations (MUN) team has come to a bittersweet end. The team participated in three very successful simulations throughout the year: MERMUN hosted by Mercy, BROMUN hosted by Brother Rice, and UDMUN hosted by the University of Detroit Jesuit. The team won multiple awards in various categories at these simulations.

“I think we did awesome in our simulations this year,” said MUN officer and junior Kara Wallace. “We put ourselves out there and we won awards. I’m happy about how this year turned out.”

In February, the team finished the season with a bang when eight Mercy delegates– along with Ms. Lisa Robinet– traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual North American Invitation Model United Nations (NAIMUN), the event the team prepared all year for. The experience was the highlight of the season for many of the delegates.

Although not all delegates went to NAIMUN, MUN officer and junior Carmela Sleva is extremely proud of the progress that the entire group has made. Now the team looks forward to a new year.

Overall, it is easy to say that it was a very exciting year for the delegates, one filled with struggles and successes.