JCL wraps up a classical year


JCL board members Jensen Pecora (left), Molly Murphy (middle) and Phil Engel (right) prepare the festive snacks JCL members get to eat in addition to watching a movie and playing bingo (Photo credit: Ihechi Ezuruonye).

Mercy’s Junior Classical League (JCL) opened its final meeting of the school year with the film Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, a movie based on the best-selling book of the same name by Rick Riordan.

Students were treated to popcorn, pretzels, and all sorts of the treats one would expect at the cinema. The Latin room was decorated with posters and all the lights were turned off, giving students the feeling of being at a movie theater.

While the movie was playing, the students were given the opportunity to play Latin-movie bingo. This consisted of choosing several Latin-related terms listed at the bottom of the paper and placing one word in each of the available squares. The terms were monuments, food, or even people mentioned throughout the movie. For every a term was mentioned in the movie, the students would check that box off, and when they had five checked in a row, they received a prize.

As an added bonus, JCL members were treated to cake. It proved an excellent way to incorporate the Latin and Greek mythology taught in schools in a fun and educational way.