Vote here for Mercy High’s Favorite Promposals

Promposals have recently become an exciting part of the prom experience. They can be creative, witty, original, and sometimes extremely cute and funny.

“I love promposals, especially when they involve food!” said senior Mira Mansuetti.

Senior Mackenzie Zierau was recently asked to Catholic Central’s prom by Steve Magagna.

“He put the cut-out of his face on my front porch and when I answered the door he popped out of the bushes,” said Zierau. “It was super cute and made my day!”

Asking someone with a cute promposal has been a growing trend over the past few years, mostly due to social media. There are now accounts on Twitter and Instagram dedicated to posting promposals. This is a great way for many students to think of a creative way to ask someone to prom.

Over the years, promposals have become more thought-out and elaborate. Kids sometimes spend over $100 on a promposal alone!

This year’s promposals were extremely creative, which is why we need you to vote for your favorite promposal of the class of 2015.

Check out all of the promposals and make sure to vote for the one you think is the cutest!