Tri-M hosts annual coffee house


Photo caption (for slideshow): The Tri-M coffee house was a success, inviting performers from Mercy and other local high schools to share their artistic talents (Photo Credit: Samantha Schubert).

The Tri-M Music Honor Society hosted its annual coffee house on Thursday, inviting performers from Mercy and several other local schools to display their artistic talents and relax with a cup of coffee. The coffee house attracted many performers and even more audience members, and Tri-M provided its guests with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and an assortment of finger foods to munch on.

Tri-M members who performed included Katie Koenigsknecht, Marisa Maino, Meg Makarewicz, Elisabeth Levandowski, and Phil Engel. Also in attendance were Tri-M members Lydia Gier, Madison Reckker, Sarah Maxey, Samantha Schubert, Jamia Henry, Lia Korzeniewski, Gina Mazziotti, and Madeline Flynn.

Coffee house guests were surprised during Makarewicz’s performance of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley when she asked her date to prom onstage, enlisting fellow performers to hold up large letters spelling “Prom?”. Makarewicz’s date was quick to reply with a “yes,” and the couple embraced in front of a cheering crowd.

Tri-M members gathered for a group photo as another outstanding Tri-M coffee house drew to a close, and guests left with ears full of music and stomachs full of coffee.