Trio wins 2015 Heart of Mercy awards

Photo Credit: Nicole Di Ponio

The Heart of Mercy mass happens once a year. It’s a time to honor people in the Mercy community for their commitment to the Mercy values. This year, the awards were given to English teacher Ms. Fran Mika, religious studies teacher Jim Skellett, and senior Kailey Savona. These three individuals have exemplified human dignity, justice, option for the poor, service, and mercy with their actions each and every day. They are viewed as the core of the school by their peers and are known to have continued to help others throughout their daily lives.

Ms. Mika has taught English at Mercy for about 40 years and inspires her students to strive for excellence. She is always dedicated to helping students and encouraging them to gain confidence in themselves.

“She is one of those teachers that care about what you’re learning rather than your grade,” said senior Cate Carey. “She was always taking time out of her life to help students write. She would highlight your strengths and help you improve on your weaknesses.”

Mr. Skellett is a religion teacher at Mercy, and he is best known for his ability to always be there for others. Senior Lindsey Webster has had Mr. Skellett as her adviser since her freshman year.

“He’s always been really welcoming to every single person in our advisor group,” said Webster. “He pulls people aside and makes sure that their doing well. As a teacher, he wants us all to learn but he is not forceful or demanding about it.”

Many of Savona’s peers commented that she sees Christ in every person she meets and is seen as Christ in the lives of others; she never turns anyone away or makes them feel small. Her faith in God is shown to others through her actions and her prayerful attitude.

“For someone to come in as a transfer junior year, embrace all that mercy is, and exemplify every aspect of it is something only God can inspire in someone, and she has that gift,” said senior Taylor Babcock.

These people are seen as Disciples of Christ to many and will continue to inspire others to dare to be great.