SHH reviews application videos

Photo Credit: Theresa Benton

Many members of the Spanish Honor Society woke up extra early on March 24 and 26 to come into school by 7:15 a.m., which begs the question: why would sleep-deprived juniors and seniors want to lose sleep to be at school even longer than necessary? To help review and grade the application videos made by sophomores and juniors hoping to be accepted into the society, of course.

“I thought they were interesting,” said junior Brianna Woodbeck. “The sophomores seemed liked they worked really hard and put a lot of time and effort into the videos.”

The videos, which were about three minutes each, focused on traditional Spanish dances and their origins. Applicants (both sophomores and juniors) worked in small groups to complete a video about their assigned dance, which included information about traditional music, costume, symbolism, and a demonstration of the dance performed by the students themselves. All information was presented in both written and spoken Spanish.

The current members worked with Señora Peña to decide how many points should be awarded to each group. The videos were evaluated based on categories such as overall presentation, fluency, and performance of the dance. Members voiced their opinions and voted on point totals for each category.

“I had a good time watching the videos,” said junior Katie Johnstone. “[The applicants] put a lot of effort into them, and it was cool to see them do what we did the year before.”