Pro-life provides male opinion through boy panel

Students Billy Gischa, Harrison Coe, Steve Lansky, and Ryan Doyle shared their opinions on various pro-life topics at this year’s boy panel (Photo Credit: Emma Mallon).

Pro-life club meets multiple times a year. As tradition of the club, at one of its meetings is a boy panel. Four students from surrounding Catholic schools recently answered questions and provided insight into the mind of a Catholic boy in regard to pro-life issues such as abortion, capital punishment, genetic testing, and in vitro fertilization.

During the panel, English teacher Ms. Claudia Taniguchi (also the pro-life moderator) said that some people believe men are not entitled to an opinion about abortion because it does not directly affect them.

“Just because you are not enslaved, doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to an opinion about slavery,” said Ms. Taniguchi.

The boys on the panel expressed their strong opinions on many of the subjects. When discussing the decisions some women make following rape and a resulting pregnancy, Catholic Central junior Steve Lansky had strong opinions.

“You don’t want to punish an innocent child for the sins of another man,” said Lansky. “Don’t do something that cannot be undone.”

In a similar manner, Saint Mary’s senior Harrison Coe described his viewpoint on abortions following genetic testing.

“People with Down syndrome have so much love and deserve a right to life,” said Coe. “My cousin has Down syndrome, and she is always there for me.”

Students were reminded of the importance of life and path God intends each person to travel.

“God’s will for you may not be to have children,” said Ms. Taniguchi. “Children are not a right, they are a privilege.”

Pro-life club’s boy panel surely provided a variety of beliefs and opinions, but each student clearly expressed his or her viewpoint, especially Saint Mary’s senior Billy Gisha.

“Wherever there is life, there is hope,” said Gischa.

Junior Sarah Posa is a leader for Pro-life, and hopes to bring in more opinions of pro-life topics to students to interact.

“I really want to do a debate between pro-life and pro-choice students, to get a different perspective on abortion,” said Posa.