The ticket to Sweepstakes success


Mercy’s Sweepstakes tickets are sold for $5 per ticket and $25 per book (Photo Credit: Lilly Blake).

With Mercy’s Sweepstakes Drive just around the corner, it is important to know all the details. Whether you are new to Mercy or returning, here are ten facts about the Sweepstakes Drive that you should know.

1. Sweepstakes is a school-wide fundraiser. Students and staff can sell tickets to friends, family, or anyone who wishes to buy.
2. Students will receive seven books of tickets with five tickets in each book.
3. One ticket costs $5 and an entire book costs $25.
4. Selling tickets can be fun. In the past, students have called relatives, asked friends, and even offered tickets to their parents’ co-workers. Students get the buyer’s information and fill it out on the tickets that they buy. Then, they collect money via cash or a check (made out to Mercy High School).
5. After the tickets are bought, the buyer is entered into a raffle to have their name drawn at 24 different instances throughout the year. They have the opportunity to win $10,000, $5,000, $2,500, $1,000, or $200; the $200 raffle is drawn on 20 different occasions.
6. After selling seven books of tickets, students earn a free-dress pass for the remainder of the school year.
7. Once the initial seven books are sold, students have the option to sell more. If they sell a total of 11 books (four additional) they will earn a ‘shorts pass,’ allowing them to wear shorts for the remainder of the year. With no air conditioning and the warm spring temperatures, selling the extra four books and receiving a pass to wear shorts is well worth it!
8. If there are two sisters attending Mercy, each sister only has to sell six books for the ‘free-dress pass.’
9. Students may sell as many books as they wish. There are prizes for the highest seller in each grade.
10. Whichever grade sells the most tickets collectively wins a day off of school.

More information on Mercy’s Sweepstakes Drive will be announced at the award show-themed opening assembly on March 24. The Sweepstakes Committee asks that students dress in their finest red-carpet gowns!