Pulseras: bracelets with a cause

Photo Credit: Theresa Benton

A group of girls gathers around a display set up in the South Alcove, peering around each other to admire the presented materials. Excited chattering is heard, along with questions about the ‘cuteness’ of the objects involved and the “oohs” and “aahs”, which inevitably come with the presentation of artisanal work.

The Spanish Honor Society began its fundraiser of selling pulseras (woven bracelets) on March 9. By the attention the sale table received, it is safe to say the new accessories are a hit.

These woven bracelets of all shapes, colors, and designs are appearing on the wrists of many Mercy students, much to the delight of members of the SHH.

“I think it’s a cute idea,” said senior Jessica Williams, an SHH officer. “A lot of people see them and are interested and want to wear them.”

This is the first year the SHH has sold the bracelets in partnership with the Pulsera Project, a non-profit organization which buys bracelets and bags from artists in countries like Nicaragua and Uganda and sells the bracelets through student groups in the United States. The money raised from sales goes right back to the artists and their communities in the forms of scholarships, loans, and housing programs. Each handmade bracelet is $5 and comes with a tag containing the picture and signature of the artist– usually a young adult– who made it.

“I think they’re really cool,” said junior Katie Urbin. “The artists are really talented.”

If you want to know more about the Pulsera Project, or buy a pulsera, you can visit www.pulserproject.org