Get to know the Media Center’s finest


Both Mrs. Corte and Mrs. Koskela have welcomed students and livened up the Media Center day in and day out with their unique personalities and perspectives (Photo Credit: Sierra Wangler).

As countless “shushes” echo throughout the Media Center, students look up to see who tells the senior tables to be quiet for the umpteenth time. Both Ms. Corte and Ms. Koskela may seem like typical librarians, constantly filing books and logging ISBN numbers; however, they are far from it.

Newsprint recently had a Q&A with the Media Center’s finest.

What is your favorite slurpee flavor?

Ms. Corte: “I actually don’t like slurpees, but I do like smoothies. My favorite flavor would probably be like a raspberry mango.”

Ms. Koskela: “Anything red and berry. I really don’t drink them very much though because I get brain freezes really quickly.”


What is your favorite memory of Mercy?

Ms. Corte: “I don’t have one specific favorite memory, but I love that everywhere I go I see Mercy girls. I love how we are able to live our faith in every aspect. It’s kinda cool for me to be able to really watch all the girls grow.”

Ms. Koskela: “I had a really good Kairos experience,  and some of the individual girls from the school stand out in my head.”


What is your favorite type of music?

Ms. Corte: “I love a lot of genres of music. I especially like Christian music, and I enjoy a full spectrum of pop and contemporary. Also, I like easy listening, rock, and some jazz.”

Ms. Koskela: “Well I listen to generally a lot of contemporary Christian music. I like Mercy Me and Steven Crowder, to name a few.”

What is one of the most interesting things about you?

Ms. Corte: “I find that in the summer I love being outside in nature and in the garden and being with my grandkids. I have such a hard time being inside. I absolutely love the outdoors, especially biking and walking outside.”

Ms. Koskela: “I had to go back to school in my 40s in order to become a Media specialist. I got my Master’s degree and continued on and got my teaching certificate. I can teach history and social studies if I wanted.”


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Ms. Corte: “Let there be peace and an understood practice of forgiveness. We only know forgiveness through Christ, and we get forgiveness through Christ. I feel that is is so important and it transcends to all aspects of life.”

Ms. Koskela: “I would make it so people naturally were concerned about the environment and did everything they could to protect the earth.”


If you were a TV character, who would you be?

Ms. Corte: “I really admire Katherine Heigl from State of Affairs. She just plays an awesome character that is really committed to what is right. [Heigl] has such a high energy level and she is a very intelligent woman. She also has to make difficult decisions and she always chooses what is right and just.”

Ms. Koskela: “I guess I would like to be either girl characters from Bones [or] Castle. They are both strong, intelligent, and attractive. One of them is a scientist and the other is a detective.”


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Ms. Corte: “I would want to be super Gumby with long arms that could hug and spread love, healing, and kindness to everyone.”

Ms. Koskela: “I’d like to eat everything that I wanted while having a slim figure at the same time. I would want to be healthy but wouldn’t have to exercise, and have a nice low weight.”


If you were to teach a class at Mercy, what would it be?

Ms. Corte: ” I would like to teach French. My mom’s side of the family is all Canadian French, and they can speak fluently. I would definitely love to learn to speak the language better.”

Ms. Koskela: “I definitely would want to teach a history class. Or I would like to take several of the art classes here, especially jewelry, ceramics, or fiber arts.”