Catholic Schools Week mass

Photo Credit: Simone Rhodes

As Catholic Schools Week drew to a close on Jan. 29, four Mercy students were invited by Pastoral Minister Ms. Judi Dennis to attend a mass at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in downtown Detroit.

Expectedly, Celebrant Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s homily reflected this theme.

“In Catholic schools you can be what God intended you to be,” said Vigneron.

According to the National Catholic Educational Association, the theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015 was “Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”

Vigneron explained that Catholic schools not only excel in academics but also in preparing students to go out into the world as loving children of God.

“I loved the archbishop’s talk about high school,” said senior Kailey Savona. “He was just talking about [the Catholic school experience] being more than just getting that good job, or getting into college.”

Being at a Catholic school allows many students to further explore a relationship with God, while receiving a quality education. This combination is not easily attained for a student in a non-Catholic school setting.

“It was definitely an honor to be there,” said Ms. Dennis. “It was awesome to be with so many Catholic young people praying and celebrating mass together.  I think [the Archbishop’s] homily made me really take a new look at the eucharistic prayer and how it is a prayer in and of itself.”

Freshman Madeline Gwinn laughed as she recounted that students of different schools were packed together and had to introduce themselves to someone they might not have otherwise.  “We all just came together and everyone was welcome,” she said.