Mercy brings back Lucky Lunches


Winners of the lucky lunches can expect to be spoiled with food. Junior Kendall Reid was one of the lucky lunch winners last year who, although didn’t win again this year, loved receiving her lunch from freshman counselor Ms. Trish Brown (Photo Credit: Kendall Reid).

In honor of Catholic schools week, Mercy is bringing back Lucky Lunch for the second time.

Lucky Lunch was first introduced in the 2013-2014 school year by performing arts teacher Ms. Anne Eddy. The idea sprung from Ms. Eddy’s time at other schools that did something similar, and when she introduced it to Mercy administration it became a reality.

In the past, many staff members signed up to prepare a lunch for students who purchased raffle tickets. The funds obtained were donated to charity.

“We decided, since we were spoiling [students] with food we could… give back,” said Ms. Eddy.

Last year’s success prompted a return of Lucky Lunches for Catholic Schools Week this year, and 37 staff members signed up to make lunches for the lucky girls who won.

Tickets were sold for $1 throughout the week. This year’s profits surpassed last year’s by a wide margin. Last year, $370 was donated to Gleaners food bank. This year, $1712 will benefit senior Kayla Donaldson’s family whose home was destroyed in a fire.

“Although these were tragic circumstances, it’s awesome that the Mercy community rallied around it and found a way to give back,” said Ms. Eddy.

The generosity of many students completely blew away expectations. In fact, some students who bought tickets wrote down names of their friends for the raffle, not just their own.

Students who won the raffle will receive lunches from their assigned staff member on Feb. 9.

Lucky lunch winners:

Elisa Cooper
Alexa Yonan
Kara Middleton
Carly Camp
Abby Molane
Megan Yatooma
Jordan Johnson
Meredith Murphy
Chrissie Clayton
Lara Zammit
Jillian Adolf
Sammie Kleedtke
Arianna Watson
Sarah Clark
Alyssa Abdelnour
Bridget Furlong
Justine Bahoura
Sophia Lamphier
Megan McCarren
Barbara Smith
Katie Koenigsknecht
Madeleine Byrnes
Ava Senkowski
Laurie Clayton
Liz Opiela
Abby Roslar
Caitlin Hennessy
Maddy Gwinn
Coley Brown
Supreet Nirman
Julia Swoish
Miranda Konja
Isabel Marrical
Kaela Brown
Alaina Skellett
Hannah Madill
Holly Ashworth