A few new rules in the new year


Last semester students became allowed to carry their coats around school with them without being jugged and recently, this rule has become very relevant (Photo Credit: Nicole Di Ponio).

Mercy jumped into the new year with a significant change: the repealing of lunch passes.

“Many teachers don’t check passes,” said Dean of Student Affairs Eleasha Tarplin. “[We wanted] to make it more convenient for students to get lunch if they are not bringing it from home and eat in class.”

Previously, students had to specify which hour they wanted to eat (third, fourth, or fifth) with a lunch pass issued by their adviser. However, with the new rules, students can eat during any of these hours, or even periodically through all three hours, if they so choose.

“[Now] you don’t have to focus on what hour you can eat,” said sophomore Alexandra Sanderson, “and you can eat whenever you feel hungry.”

This exceptions to this rule are art, computer, gym and swim classes because it would affect the way that the class runs. Studies show that snacking throughout the day will prevent “overeating at meals” (snacksense.com); therefore, this will help individuals maintain their weight and be more focused.

“Not eating could hinder the learning processes, so I think a more open policy [will] make more students more comfortable…eating,” said Ms. Tarplin.

Students agree that being able to eat when they are hungry will boost their working ability and keep them focused on classwork.

“I don’t think that it has disrupted class; I think it has enhanced it because if you’re hungry you can’t focus on what you’re being taught, and all you can think about is when you can eat,” said Sanderson.

A rule that was implemented last semester is the ability to carry coats throughout the day. Although Mercy does offer lockers to its students, most girls never use them. Since the lockers are in the basement, many students find it inconvenient to make the trip just to hang up a jacket.

“Carrying around [my jacket] is really convenient and nice,” said Sanderson.

In the future, Mercy will implement another new change: lanyards.

“Everyone in the building should be visibly recognized,” said Ms. Tarplin. “Most schools do it for security purposes and Mercy just had not done it. A lot of what’s been happening is for the safety and security of the Mercy community.”