Quizzing Sisters


Sisters Olivia Warner, sophomore, and Anastasia Warner, freshman, bond over their experiences on Mercy’s Novice Quiz Bowl Team together (Photo Credit: Alana Sullivan).

While many siblings may bicker and argue, sophomore Olivia Warner and freshman Anastasia Warner know the value of keeping the peace.

“We learned that rivalry is not good thing,” said Olivia. “Especially when it comes to Quiz Bowl.”

The two sisters are teammates on Mercy’s Novice Quiz Bowl team, and contrary to what some might assume, they love being on the same team together. When asked how she came to be involved in Quiz Bowl, Olivia good-naturedly pointed to her younger sister Anastasia.

“Her,” said Olivia with a laugh. “She dragged me into it.”

Anastasia looked into Mercy’s Quiz Bowl team after one of her teacher’s recommended she join, which reaffirmed her prior interest in the club. Soon, she was taking Olivia with her to meetings after school.

“I was like, ‘yeah, try it’,” said Anastasia, when Olivia found out she had been officially added to the team. “We did well the first meet, and that was just a team of me and Olivia. It worked pretty well.”

The sisters believe they are each well-rounded when it comes to the subjects and areas of knowledge that come up in the course of a Quiz Bowl game, though at times may look to the other sibling for help.

“If it’s a history question or math question that I don’t know then I’ll kind of just look at Olivia and expect her to know it,” said Anastasia with a laugh. “And sometimes she does because, you know, she’s had more. . .life than me.”

The Warner sisters are looking forward to the rest of the Quiz Bowl season, and hopefully, they will beat more teams from other schools.

“Who doesn’t want to answer questions and beat other teams?” said Anastasia as Olivia nodded in agreement. “That’s the fun part: when, together, we win.”