BPA gears up for Regionals


This year’s theme for the BPA National conference– imagine, believe, become– embodies the focus of the club: to inspire the next generation of business professionals (Photo Credit: Paisley Sutton).

With the Regional, State, and National conferences approaching, BPA (Business Professionals of America) members are working hard on their events in a variety of different fields.

Each year, BPA members decide which events they’d like to compete in. Events fall into finance, business administration, digital communication, management, or marketing categories. Certain events are completed individually, while others can include groups up to 10.

“My events are fundamental accounting and fundamental spreadsheet applications,” sophomore Isabella Stoick said. “Last year, I took Accounting … and loved it.”

After months of preparation, students compete against teenagers from the Metro-Detroit area at Regionals on Jan. 9. If successful, members advance to the three-day-long State conference in March. Finally, students have the opportunity to qualify for the National BPA conference that takes place during early May in Anaheim, California.

“I am aiming for nationals,” Stoick said. “Qualifying for nationals is a great achievement, and they are held in Anaheim this year which is a bonus.”

The conferences focuses on preparing students for life in a business environment. Members wear business attire during the entire conference, attend workshops about saving money, and even get to meet college representatives.

“I joined BPA because it is a great way to practice professional skills such as public speaking, making presentations, and staying organized,” said sophomore Katelynn Smith. “I will need [these skills] later in life no matter what career path I choose.”

While BPA may seem strictly business, the conferences often surprise students with their fun events. During Regionals, a DJ encourages students to dance in between competitive events. At States, a dinner and dance is held on the last night of the conference.

“I attended regionals last year, and it was an good experience,” Stoick said. “I dressed up in business attire and [I] felt very professional.”