Ballin’ on a budget

Tips to help make A-Ball more affordable


With Christmas right round the corner, there is no need to break the bank when it comes to A-Ball if you spend time looking for more affordable options (Photo Credit: Alycia Washington).

Christmas is in the air. Twitter names have been changed; cafeteria tables are littered with festive Starbucks red cups, and Christmas-tree lights twinkle through the windows of homes. At Mercy, when Christmas comes to mind so does one of the biggest events of the year: A-Ball. Although A-Ball is one of the most anticipated dances of the school year, it’s also one of the most expensive.

With tickets priced at $110 a couple along with the other expenses, A-Ball can be extremely costly. However, by following these three tips, you are guaranteed a good time without breaking the bank.

  1. Do not feel obligated to get an expensive dress just because you like the style. You’re more than likely to find a dress similar, if not the same, for a cheaper price. Try renting your dress from websites like renttherunway  or checking out some affordable stores like Windsor or Charlotte Russe. Some other options include borrowing a dress from a friend or even wearing an old homecoming dress if you don’t feel comfortable sharing.
  2. Having a party bus is completely optional and is up to you and your group. However, if you choose to get a party bus, make sure you compare prices in order to ensure you get the best deal. A useful tip to keep in mind when purchasing a party bus is that the more people that are in your group, the cheaper the price is per person.
  3. Not only can buying a dress be costly, but hair and makeup can also be. To save money, consider having a friend do your hair and makeup, or do it yourself. Although going to MAC or Sephora guarantees a ‘flawless look’,  that shouldn’t dictate whether or not it’s worth paying $50 for a look you can replicate on your own.