Poetry: more than words

Dead Poets Society’s November meeting

The November meeting for Dead Poets Society was themed “Happy poems”. This theme brought about a wide variety of poems about childhood and love.

“The thing about poetry is that it doesn’t have to be super deep. You don’t have to analyze everything. Sometimes it’s just cute,” said junior Carmela Sleva.

As these seemingly whimsical topics were tossed about, a deeper conversation ensued. The focus of the meeting quickly turned to love — not only on romantic love but on love for friends, family, life, and oneself.

With the ever-constant pressures influencing young women about body image, many find the issue to be a sensitive topic.

As members began to open up about their happiness, or unhappiness, sophomore Olivia Warner asked to read a poem she found inspiring.

Listen to the attached audio file of Warner reading “A Fat Little Girl” by the anonymous online author Red Blood, Black Ink.

Or read the poem here:


Members would like everyone to remember to be happy with their bodies and happy with their lives. There is always something to be happy and thankful for.

Check out the next meeting of Dead Poets Society (date TBA) to enjoy the discussion among friends. All are welcome.