Mercy Mimes perform at Open House

The Mercy Mimes share their love of performing with seventh and eighth graders at the Fall Open House (Photo Credit: Katie Birecki)

In the midst of chatty seventh and eighth grade girls eagerly awaiting a tour of their potential future high school, 12 silent mimes played duck duck goose with each other.  The Mercy Mimes entertained seventh and eighth grade girls, as well as their families, at the Fall Open House on Nov. 2.

The Mercy Mimes was established in 1990 as a club for students to travel to local senior centers, auctions, and events to capture their audience’s attention by acting out hilarious skits.  It is open to students who have taken Acting II in the Performing Arts Department.

One skit the mimes performed was titled “Just Us.”  The mimes portrayed several random actions, including painting a picture, skiing, riding a bike, and playing volleyball.  One mime tried to copy the others, but eventually gave up in a fit of frustration.

“I liked it when they pretended to be on the bike and then they fell off,” said fifth grader Juliana Santillian from Canton. “They were very funny.”

Rachel Thornton, a seventh grader from St. Patrick’s in White Lake, also enjoyed the mimes’ performance.

“I’d be interested in being a mime,” said Thornton, as she looked back at the group of girls. “It looks really cool.”