Junior retreat: a sneak-peak of Kairos


Pastoral Minister Ms. Carol MacLennan sits in her office and plans for future retreats (Zaynah Siddique).

Some members of the class of 2016 recently attended the overnight junior retreat. The retreat was organized by Pastoral Minister Ms. Carol MacLennan. It gives a preview of Kairos, which students may choose to attend in their senior year. There are three opportunities to attend junior retreat throughout the school year, and they fill quickly on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The first retreat took place on Oct. 9-10 and 23 juniors went to Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston where they participated in a variety of activities all centered around a main theme: Be the best version of yourself. On this retreat, the juniors learned about virtue and how to improve themselves. They were encouraged to look ahead at their life choices and determine what God has in store for them. On the retreat the juniors experienced a little bit of everything from movies to silent prayers to guest speakers to masses. All these activities were geared toward good virtues.

“If I could do junior retreat once again I would,” said Kara Wallace. “I would recommend going to the rest of my class and future juniors. Now, I’m really excited for Kairos.”

Often, juniors feel as though they can’t fit an overnight retreat into their already hectic schedules. As a result, the number of attendees for the past few retreats in recent years has dropped. Nevertheless, juniors are encouraged to go.

“A retreat like this is especially important in this world because it’s in the silence [that] God speaks to us, and there isn’t a lot of silence right now because junior year is so hectic,” said Ms.MacLennan, “but that’s when you need God most. It’s something juniors think they have no time for, but it’s exactly what they need.”

For over 14 years junior retreat has been a part of Mercy. It is encouraged because it enriches the experience for seniors on the Kairos retreat. There are two remaining opportunities for junior retreat in November 2014 and April 2015.

Junior Retreat is a great opportunity to be “your best self” and to get in touch with your virtues (Photo Credit: Zaynah Siddique).
Junior Retreat is a great opportunity to be “your best self” and to get in touch with your virtues
(Photo Credit: Zaynah Siddique).