10 Tips for Spirit Week

Here are examples of how Mercy celebrated Spirit Week last year.

Mercy Spirit Week is unique and can be pretty confusing. When I was an underclassman, I remember not knowing what to do or wear, and I was afraid I would stick out.  Not only is it hard to keep track of all the information that is thrown at you, but school itself can get a bit hectic. It’s scary not knowing what to expect.  If this applies to you, these are a few helpful tips to make you feel a bit more confident about spirit week.

1.  Do not be afraid that you are trying too hard; seriously, everyone goes all-out.

2. Only wear face paint if you are 100% sure it will come off, and only color your hair if you are 100% sure it will wash out.

3. Be prepared; don’t try to figure out your costumes in the morning.

4. Turn in your permission slip for Mercy Make a Difference Day, and get excited.  You will like it a lot more than you may think.

5. Do everything you can to earn spirit points. You may feel ridiculous, but it might earn you a day off.

6. Don’t slack on your school work. Although it’s spirit week, it’s still school.  Finding the perfect costume is not worth failing your math test.

7. Even when you’re not in uniform, some dress codes still apply.  If you’re not sure what’s acceptable, ask a teacher. You may still get a jug, even if you are unaware of the rules.

8. Some costumes are very abstract. If you don’t understand an outfit, ask about it. You might learn something new.

9. Don’t be afraid to be Beyoncé just because someone else is dressing as her.  There can never be too much Beyoncé.

10.   If you’re going to be Beyoncé, commit to it, and own it.  The same rules apply to every day of spirit week.