That’s the spirit

Spirit week, which also features alcove decorating by each grade, is marked by high energy and friendly competition.

After a much-anticipated wait, Mercy students individually met with their respective classes to learn about one of the most beloved weeks of the school year. As classes gathered in the auditorium, media center, cafeteria, and gym, each was eager to hear of the changes and themes for the energetic and memorable week to come.

In the past, spirit week has started on Monday.  However, this year the tradition will change and spirit week will take place from Wednesday, Sept. 17 to Wednesday, Sept. 24. The themes for each day will follow popular social media trends.

“I’m not exactly sure how spirit week will work because we’re so used to having it start on Monday,” said senior Alex Sobczak. “However, I think it will be really fun if all the classes give it a chance.”

To kick-off spirit week, grades will dress as ‘#WCW’ (Women Crush Wednesday). Freshwomen will dress as respectable women, sophomores as athletes, juniors as movie stars, and seniors as musicians.

Thursday, coined #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) on social media, will feature the freshwomen dressing up as Disney characters, sophomores as PBS characters, juniors as Cartoon Network characters, and seniors as Nickelodeon characters.

On “Freaky Friday,” the grades will dress in their class color. Rather than the usual full day, classes will run for a half-day. After classes, field day will take place outside, where each advisor group will perform the field day festivities from 12:00 p.m. to 2:35 p.m.

During the class meetings, the seniors were overjoyed to discover their camouflage and white Senior Survivors theme.

“I’ve never been so pumped for our class colors. I absolutely love the senior class theme, and camouflage will look amazing,” said Sobczak. “I think field day will be lots of fun outside as well. I just hope the weather holds up.”

In addition, the seniors will enjoy a lively tailgate in the parking lot as they talk with friends, listen to music, and eat food before the school day begins.

“I’m looking forward to the tailgate the most,” said senior Chloe Churukian. “I’m also really excited to wear our senior shirts.”

While the seniors sport their white and camouflage with pride, sophomores will be decked out in purple and juniors will be covered in pink. The freshwomen class voted on a color, and it was declared to be blue.

On #MCM (Man Crush Monday), each grade will wear attire from different Catholic boys’ schools. The school assignments are as follows: freshwomen- Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, sophomores- Brother Rice,  juniors- University of Detroit Jesuit, and seniors- Detroit Catholic Central.

The most important day of spirit week, however, falls on Tuesday. Mercy girls and staff members will be dispersing throughout Detroit for “Make a Difference Day,” in order to lend a helping hand in the community.

“I’m excited for Make a Difference Day because it’s a good opportunity to get out into the community and make a positive difference,” said sophomore Emma Easson. “We’re using our time to help people.”

Finally, bringing an end to spirit week, the entire school will gather together for mass on “Worship Wednesday.”

“I absolutely love that at the end of spirit week, after competing…, we can all come together as one with God,” said senior Amy Vlachos.