Students react to recent homecoming dance decision

The saying “change is inevitable” is quite cliché, yet it rings true throughout the school. Since the complete revision of Spirit Week in 2013, Mercy has again readjusted the week’s festivities for 2014, including a date change for the highly-anticipated homecoming dance.

Per the request by  Student Council, administration moved homecoming from Sept. 19 to Sept. 21, causing mixed feelings among students. Administration allowed for a late start on the following Monday, with sign-in at 9:00 a.m. and first hour beginning 20 minutes later.

I don’t think the date should be moved,” said sophomore Lauren George. “I don’t think people will come to school the next day so we should have the day off.”

Like most changes, the dance poses both pros and cons.

The date change allows students to take dates who wouldn’t have been able to come, due to numerous football games that weekend.

“Student Council and I met and we concluded that Sunday would be the date that had the least amount of conflicts,” said Dean of Student Affairs Eleasha Tarplin.

Many are happy that dates who were playing football or supporting their team on Friday night can now attend; however, many salons are not open on Sundays, and there is a Rascal Flatts concert the same night.

“I’m so happy about the date change because my boyfriend plays football on a Friday so he couldn’t go but now he can,” said senior Alex Sobczak.

Also, having to come to class the next day, regardless of the late start, is unappealing to some.

“Coming to school the next day would be so physically and emotionally exhausting that it wouldn’t be worth it,” said senior Kayla Fisher.

Despite various opinions regarding the change, Student Council, along with their moderator, Mrs. Tarplin, hope the glitz, glamour, and excitement of homecoming will not fade as a result of the adjustment.

“It is not like students go to bed at 11 or 11:30 anyways, so I think if students plan accordingly it should be a great time,” said Tarplin.


Check out this video on student’s reactions to the date change: