DPS Spotlight: Dani Abboud

When most girls are heading home on Friday nights, excited for a relaxing weekend, senior Dani Abboud and several other Dead Poets Society members are staying a little longer at school to discuss favorite authors, poetic themes, and a wide array of poems.  DPS is one of Mercy’s many clubs that takes place outside of school, meaning that its members are devoted and passionate about their meetings.  Abboud is no different, enjoying and discussing poems she is interested in at least once a month.

“I started attending DPS meetings sophomore year because I really love poetry and spoken word,” said Abboud. “I also really admired the girls who ran it at the time, Megan Yousif and Colette Berg.”  When Yousif and Berg graduated, Abboud was presented with the opportunity to take up a leadership role.

While talking about her reasons for wanting to be more involved in DPS, Abboud said, “I really loved the club, and I was passionate about keeping it going, so I applied.”  Abboud looks back on this decision fondly, glad that she chose to get involved with something she really enjoyed.

When asked what her favorite memory was of the club, she said, “Probably the first meeting that we led as new officers. Mrs. Tanaguchi let us go outside, and we chose childhood as our theme. We sat on the grass, drank tea, and read Shel Silverstein and it was really fun and peaceful.”

Memories like these continue to fuel Abboud’s passion for poetry and DPS, and she looks forward to finishing  her senior year with  more similar celebrations.

“DPS has opened my eyes to the talent of those around me,” she said. “It breaks down barriers and gives quiet girls a place to find their voice. It has definitely shown me the significance of language.”