Green Club Celebrates National Recycling Day


The Green Club hopes to involve the whole school in their plans for an eco-friendly lunch day.

National Recycling Day is not only a reminder to all of us to lead earth friendly lives, but also a chance for the Green Club to spread their word. This is exactly what the club did on November 15th.

“We are trying to raise awareness about recycling more and bringing recyclable or reusable lunches,” said senior Green Club member Elena Flores.

The holiday offered the perfect platform to gain student’s attention and raise awareness about the cause. You may have noticed the recycling-friendly signs hanging in the walls, offering a friendly reminder about this holiday. Flores hopes that today will remind people that there are other opportunities to stay environmentally friendly throughout the year.

“Green Club is currently coming up with plans for a ‘green lunch’ day,” said Flores. “That will hopefully be approved soon!”

In the meantime, you can observe National Recycling Day every day by utilizing the ‘plastic only’ bins in the hallways.

As Flores states, “It is just a day we would like to celebrate!”