JCL Gladiators Do Battle

The Junior Classical League (JCL) kicked off its first meeting in October with a battle among gladiators. The club was split into five teams, each representing a gladiator from a different nation. After learning the brief history of that gladiator, a game commenced, in which the moderator would ask a series of questions based on the history of the gladiator. Each team had a set time limit to answer the question, and whoever answered it right was awarded points. After the game, each group designed their very own shield, decorated in whatever manner they saw fit. When the shields were finished, a representative was sent from each team to wage in battle against an enemy gladiator. Swords crossed and warriors fell, until only one remained standing. The winning gladiator and her team were awarded with special candy and the honor of saying they were the best gladiators.

The JCL  attended the Michigan Junior Classical League Convention on November 9. High schools from all over Michigan attended the convention, where speakers from various universities and colleges spoke on the Roman culture and ancient Roman games were played. Some included the Mummy wrap, which consisted of two people trying to completely wrap one person in toilet paper in under one minute. Other games included the Discus Throw, the Arachnid Crawl, and mythology races.