Day of Silence

As students walked into school on Oct. 15 and ran to their friends to tell them the latest gossip, some were surprised to find their friends sporting a black “X” over their mouths, unable to respond. Students in the Pro-Life club, along with other girls who share the same views, chose to observe the Day of Silence in honor of those who cannot speak for themselves.

“It represents all of the aborted babies who don’t have a say and so for the day if you have a black “X” you don’t talk, and you don’t make a joke of it either,” said Genevieve Chiara. “You’re just representing someone who’s not there.”

Students who observe the Day of Silence can still listen in class, but are not expected to take part in discussions.

“I think teachers definitely respect the day and the girls who choose to participate,” said Chiara. “We’re just trying to make people aware of the effect abortion has.”