Can’t Beat the Heat


Senora Bickes sets up her fan early in the morning before the heat sets in.

Teagan Dillon, Associate Editor-in-Chief

sraIt’s mid-August, and while most teenagers are enjoying the summer heat by the pool, Mercy students are baking within the un-air-conditioned walls of their classrooms.

Traces of sweat and looks of exhaustion are everywhere as students make their way throughout the school, tightly gripping their ice-cold water bottles.

With summer ending a week early this school year to make up for the pre-Christmas break finals, the extreme heat is just one price to pay.

“Sitting in class is miserable,” said junior Taylor Babcock.  “I’m considering purchasing a personal fan.”

There are some areas of Mercy that do not have to suffer quite as bad.  The science wing, for example, has air conditioning.

“My physics and math classes are much more tolerable since there is air conditioning,” said senior Mackenzie Elkow.

Many students, however, believe enduring the temperature is well worth a relaxing Christmas break.

“I usually am bored the last week of summer, anyways,” said junior Alysen Eads. “Starting school a week early did not bother me.”

Moreover, students and coaches who participate in fall sports have already spent weeks at school before the designated first day.

“Since I am already here for cross country, I don’t mind coming back a week early,” said Spanish teacher Kelly Bickes.

The heat will eventually cool down, and fall will soon arrive.  Once the first weeks are endured, students will be grateful to sit in a classroom without dripping sweat.

“I know it will be worth it when I don’t have to study for finals over Christmas break,” said Elkow.