LORE: Top 5 Most Asked Yearbook Questions

Newsprint talked to the 2012-2013 LORE Editor-in-Chief, Laura Hatty, to answer some frequently asked questions about the yearbook.

NP: How do you get the supplement to the graduated seniors?

LH: Every year the supplement to the yearbook is mailed to the graduated seniors.

NP: What are your deadlines like?

LH: Deadlines are all so different. It really depends on the events that are being covered during that time, our ability to take photos at these events, and especially the motivation of the staff. Certain times of the year are more stressful that others. I am very proud of the staff this year and our ability to make deadlines. We even received the “Early Bird” award this year for turning in pages sooner than expected.

NP: What company do you use?

LH: This year we made the decision to switch publishers. I am so happy with everything Herff Jones has provided us. From the summer’s yearbook camp to our final deadlines, they have been everything and more I could have asked for from a publishing company.

NP: Is the yearbook always the same amount of pages?

LH: The yearbook is usually around the same size, about 256 pages (not including the supplement).

NP: How do you get all the school headshots downloaded?

LH: We work with Prestige and Lifetouch for all head shot photos that are used on IDs and panel pages.