Sydney Hembree, Staff Reporter

SHH is proud to welcome several new candidates to their club! These girls were accepted upon passing a rigorous application process and will now be full members of the Spanish Honor Society. A celebratory banquet and induction ceremony will take place soon.

Congratulations to…

Sydney Akin                                    Rachel Belans

Alycia Bellino                                  Megan Bowers

Emily Crowley                                MacKenzie Elkow

Caitlyn Gordon                               Megan Haase

Sara Henning                                   Jane Kovan

Claire Lachner                                 Casey Lewry

Allison Lo Prete                              Sara Makki

Emilia McCotter                             Nora Neaton

Claire Novak                                    Peyton Pawlusiak

Katie Schubert                                Monica Shuk

Gia Toler                                           Rachel Wagner

Megan Yatooma