Cafeteria Changeup


The healthy kickin chicken features baked chicken and lite ranch dressing with a honey wheat roll. Photo credits: Haley Fox

When people think “March Madness,” they think about basketball. However, this March Madness, Mercy’s Cafeteria is taking a new approach to the “flavor” of the season. In celebration, Mercy has created a new, better menu for the students, including a yogurt parfait bar and a healthy version of the beloved Kickin’ Chicken.

“I’m so excited to try the new Kickin’ Chicken! It’s a healthy take on a classic,” said junior Dani Abboud.

The new wrap features baked chicken instead of fried chicken, lite ranch, and a whole wheat tortilla. The baked chicken offers a 110 calorie drop compared to the fried chicken, and across the board, the healthy version of this dish is approximately 300 calories compared to the usual 513. These changes have so far received great reviews from the students.

“This is way better than the original,” said sophomore Maddie Trevorrow. “It’s healthier and I like it, but I’m not a huge fan of the whole wheat bun it comes with.”

Students throughout the cafeteria agreed with this sentiment. Senior Sophie Lemish said, “It’s great! I can stop feeling guilty about eating the Kickin’ Chicken now.”

Junior dani abboud orders her healthy kickin' chicken salad.
Junior dani abboud orders her healthy kickin’ chicken salad.