French Honor Society Donates to Aid Children in Haiti

Three years after the turbulent earthquake struck Haiti, its citizens are still attempting to rebuild from the rubble. In the poorer parts of the country, families are left without a home, while struggle children without meals and education.

The French Honor Society is striving to help these children who have been left feeling so helpless. Through the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), various choices of helping the children in Haiti are available, ranging from providing lunches for children to paying for a child’s tuition.

Mercy’s FHS has chosen to sponsor a child in Haiti by supplying the money for a year’s tuition for their schooling, along with the necessary materials such as pencils and uniforms.

FHS will also sponsor two other children by supplying school uniforms, shoes and other school materials.

The club voted to use the money earned from the sale of Parisian Day booklets to aid the children.