Tis the Season…for A-Ball


Like at Homecoming, couples will enjoy dancing at A-ball.

Chloe Henderson, Sports Editor

Like at Homecoming, couples will enjoy dancing at A-ball. Photo Credit: Mary Kate Winn

Mercy’s annual Christmas Dance, better known as A-ball, is just one week away.   As Mercy girls prepare for Christmas break and a festive holiday with family and friends, juniors and seniors also look forward to A-ball.  A-ball is an excellent opportunity for Mercy girls to relax and enjoy the holiday season with Mercy sisters before the break.

With Christmas gifts to buy and tickets to purchase, some juniors and seniors are finding creative and budget-friendly ways to prepare for the dance.

Many girls are dress-swapping.  Instead of spending time and money buying a brand new dress, girls are peeking into their friends’ closets to share beautiful dresses for A-ball that will be “new” to them.

Senior Gretchen Schultz has borrowed and lent dresses for different occasions.  “It makes me feel really stylish when people ask to borrow my dresses,” said senior Gretchen Schultz.

Some girls are also planning to do each other’s hair, makeup, and nails which is another fun and inexpensive way to get ready for A-ball.

“I’ve done people’s makeup for formal dances at school,” said senior Gabriella D’Agostini.  This year for A-ball, D’Agostini plans to do her friend’s makeup again.

A-ball is an excellent opportunity to ring in the season with Mercy girls and their dates dressed in their holiday finest.  It will be the last A-ball for seniors, the first for juniors, and fun for all.