Quiz Bowl Prepares for Season to Start

Mercy’s Quiz Bowl team gears up for its first meet on Wednesday, November 7th.  The meet will take place at Detroit Country Day.  Mercy will compete against several teams from the area with three teams: Novice, JV, and Varsity.

For those who have never heard of quiz bowl, it is an academic sport where players compete to see who can correctly answer questions first. The questions cover a variety of subjects, including sports, geography, history, and literature.

Here is a sample problem from a Maryland Spring HS tournament.  Give it a try! The answer might be simpler than you expect.

One that serves the devil in Catalan myth is called Dip, and spectral versions of these animals associated with the sound of geese belong to Bran and are called the Cwn Annwn.  One that haunts Peel castle on the Isle of Mann is called the Moddey Dhoo.  One named Argos died when he recognized Odysseus, and one named the Barguest leaves no footprints.  The Aztec psychopomp Xolotl is usually depicted with the head of one of these and another will kill and be killed by Tyr at Ragnorak, Garm. Name this animal, one of which has three heads and guards Hades.

Answer: Dog

Anyone who is interested in joining quiz bowl should contact Mrs. Katy Koskela immediately.