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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Senior Golfers Say Goodbye to Sport after Successful State Tournament

On many levels, the Mercy golf teams can perhaps be better described as a family than as a competitive, individual sport. Luckily, the varsity golfers embraced their own skills, as well as each other, to win 2nd place at the D1 state final.

The team finished with a score of 670, behind Plymouth, who finished 1st with a score of 659, and ahead of Utica, who finished third with a score of 672 (in golf, the lowest score wins).

More important than the numbers, was the experience of a last, successful tournament, for the three graduating senior golfers.

“Golf has really changed my high school experience,” said senior varsity co-captain Gillian Hickey. “The friendships I have made, and the things I have realized about myself would not have been possible without golf.”

The team, which spends time playing, practicing, walking, and competing with one another, has unique and interesting dynamics to say the least. As an individual sport, the golfers compete with each other as much as they do with players from other schools. The girls’ scores get compiled into one final team score. Their low score at the state championship match led the team to an impressive second-place title.

“The team definitely met my expectations for the state meet,” said Hickey. “I could not have been more proud of each and every one of my teammates…We truly showed our potential and how strong of a team we are.”

According to Sarah Montone, another senior varsity co-captain, the team exceeded her expectations. “Our goal was to place in the top five, so we made our goal,” Montone said.

Although the seniors have played their last round of high school golf, the girls know that the lessons they have learned from their sport will remain.

“Golf has been an amazing experience for me in high school,” said Montone. “It has taught me a lot about time management and dealing with other people.”

“Being able to get back on your feet mentally is one of the hardest aspects of golf,” said Hickey. “On the second day [of the tournament], I went through three holes where I double bogied each one. It wasn’t easy to bounce back…Coach Kowalski came up to me and she said ‘Look, you have six more holes of high school golf left…do you want to spend them crying and moping, or get back to the player you are and finish these last holes strong?’ ”

Although the varsity team is losing three of its six players, the seniors have high expectations for the next season.

“The team should be strong next year. We have some powerhouse juniors and sophomores with great work ethics who will do great their senior year,” said Montone. “We also have a freshman, Julia Shaw, who will be a great asset to the varsity team next year.”

“The remaining girls know what it is going to take to the lead the team next year,” said Hickey. “I know they are going to do an amazing job.”

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