Student Spotlight: Jillian Adolf


Freshman Jillian Adolf is already an established soccer player, singer, and horseback rider.  What many don’t know, however, is that Jillian has some serious country roots.

NP:  When did you become interested in horses?

JA:  My cousins own a farm and that’s kind of how it all got started.  Someday I’d like to live in Kentucky or something and be an equine vet.

NP:  Do you own a horse?

JA:  I don’t own a horse, but I ride a horse named Foxy.  I ride him once a week at my lesson and I try to get out whenever I can during the week for free rides.

NP:  What other activities are you involved in?

JA:  Soccer’s a big one.  I sing and I cantor at church, and I like to draw.

NP:  Are you going to try to get involved in any activities at Mercy?

JA:  I’ll want to try out for the soccer team this year.  I love soccer and it would be great to play for the Mercy team.

NP: How do you like Mercy so far?

JA:  I like it a lot.  Everyone’s really friendly and it was really easy to adapt.  It’s a little bit more work than my old school, but I feel like I fit in really well here.  And I really like my iPad.

NP:  You said you like war movies, can you give us your top five?


1. We Were Soldiers

2.  Saving Private Ryan

3. Midway

4. Bridge Too Far

5. Gladiator – It’s not really a war movie, but it’s really good.