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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy’s M-Hub Gears Up for a New Year

M-Hub is moving on to its next chapter.

About a year ago, Associate Principal Mr. Larry Baker and a group of dedicated Mercy students started the Mercy Knowledge Hub, commonly known as “M-Hub”, to connect students to members of the Mercy community who can help with the college search, research, and career search.

“The Hub has spokes to all different sources to bring in info that is immediate and personal,” said Mr. Baker.

M-Hub co-director Stephanie Luther described the website as an interactive online database that allows students to get in contact with adults in our community for internship opportunities, job opportunities, etc.

“It is a way to help students build networks,” added Mr. Baker. “It is a way to allow students to network safely with persons in our own community and to access these people through searches.”

“Like the first man to the moon, we made it; we actually built M-Hub,” said Mr. Baker. “But now what?”

At their first meeting on September 18, the members of M-Hub set some goals for the year. The first challenge that the group faces is educating students about the website. Their plan is to use an advisee period to demonstrate how to use the website.

The next goal for the club is to recruit mentors for the project beyond the alumnae. They will start by contacting parents.

The third project for the year that M-Hub is facing is involvement in the Women Mean Business Symposium on April 24.

“We are planning on producing a live Twitter feed during the symposium,” said Mr. Baker, “that will hopefully stream on a TV during the event.” The Twitter feed will follow topics discussed and questions asked at the symposium.

Like any club, M-Hub does face a few challenges. Last year the group lost most of its members to the graduating senior class. This loss of human resources was a blow to the club but it was nothing that could not be fixed

Co-directors Stephanie Luther and Erin Eusebi have high hopes for M-Hub this year.

“Our main goal is to launch it to the students this year,” said Luther. “We’ve already reached the teachers so now we move on to students.”

“I would like to see it become a robust research tool for students,” said Mr. Baker.

With a big year ahead for Mercy’s Knowledge Hub, Mr. Baker and the rest of the group look forward to much success. Check out their website at

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