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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Student Spotlight: Eleanor Carey


Her signature chuckle can be heard from the E-hall to the drama department. That classic curly hair constantly bobs up and down the hallways. We all have heard senior Eleanor Carey’s incredible Irish fiddling skills at Ethnic Bazaar but not too many people know the work that she has put into it.

“I played the fiddle for 10 years,” she said. Proud of her Irish heritage, Carey was involved in Irish dance for six years and also loves Irish music (along with many more types of music).

“I listen to a myriad of music, plethora if you will,” she said. “I pretty much appreciate all types of music, with the exception of techno and improvisational jazz.”

Carey’s four years at Mercy have been filled with other activities too, including bowling. She began bowling her freshman year when Mrs. Kowalski (Carey’s advisor) suggested that she try out. And she couldn’t be happier that she did.
“I love the team-ness. I made friends with lots of girls that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise,” said Carey.
Another one of Carey’s interests is art. Three years of Ceramics have given her a passion for art and she hopes to continue creating next year in college.

Carey will be going on to Bryn Mawr College next year. Although she isn’t quite sure what she wants to study yet, some of her interests include political science, psychology, and urban studies.

One of Carey’s most sparkling qualities is her sense of humor which is often accompanied by her infectious giggle.
“Eleanor Carey has an amazing ability to brighten everyone she encounter’s day,” said senior Veronica Battersby. “Her laugh is incredibly contagious and when she laughs she makes all those she’s with laugh until they’re on the floor.”
Carey is always the jokester.

“My first name is Eleanor and my middle name is Rose,” she said. “I’ve always wanted my last name to be ‘Evelt’ so then my name could be Eleanor Rose Evelt (Roosevelt).”

Clearly Carey is not your typical teenage girl. With a background in Irish fiddling and dance, she stands out from the crowd. Her jokes and sparkling personality give her a unique “Eleanor-ness” and her passion for music and art is just at the beginning.

“I really hope to keep doing [those things] next year in college,” Carey said. “I just love it!”

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