AP Tips

Jessica Montgomery, Associate Editor-in-Chief

With AP exams beginning next week, many Mercy girls feel very stressed as they cram in that last bit of studying. Here are some tips to help you do your best on your AP exams.

The Night Before:

  • Put at least two number two pencils (and a calculator, if needed) into your backpack.
  • Go to bed as early as you can and try to get as close to eight hours of sleep as possible.

The Morning of:

  • Start your day just as you usually do.
  • Eat a well-balanced breakfast to make sure you have energy throughout the test.
  • Know what classroom you are to report to.
  • Think positive!

During the test:

  • Relax! You have been preparing the whole year for this test and are ready to take it.
  • During the multiple choice section, read the question and all answer choices before marking anything.
  • Pace yourself! Answer the easiest questions first and don’t spend too much time on one question.
  • Do not go back and change your answers unless you are very uncertain about your first answer choice.
  • Use the process of elimination when you are not sure what the answer is. Then, make an educated guess from what’s left.

Good luck to all AP test takers!