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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Talent at Mercy


Every other year, talented Mercy students in all grades are given the chance to show off their unique skills at the school-wide talent show.  This year we were treated to a variety of talents, including extraordinary singers, pianists, and dancers, as well as a jump-roper and a girl who could talk backwards!

It’s very competitive to be selected for the show.  Out of a large pool of applicants, only the top ten or so are selected to perform.

Katelyn Kulesa, junior, performed a beautiful song she composed herself on the piano.  She said originally she wasn’t even trying to compose her own song—she actually was trying to learn to play a song by ear.  She admits she isn’t the best at learning songs by ear.  So instead, she said, “I basically just turned it into my own song and was inspired by the emotions around me.”

While her songs are inspiring by emotions, they are also created partially by just playing around with a piano. “In a way, the songs I make up, like the one at talent show, are completely by accident—my  playing around on the piano and figuring out something and thinking, “That actually sounds cool!” and building off of it.”

The title of her song, “Nothing,” didn’t come to her until the night before the show.  “I realized it kind of has to do with the idea of when someone asks you if you’re alright. And people often say, “I’m fine” even though they could be feeling upset or sad or mad. That’s like this song.”

Haley Gold, sophomore, is very talented as well, but her unique gift is much different: she can talk backwards.  She can actually say and spell words backwards as quickly and easily as forwards.

She says she first realized she could talk backwards earlier during this school year.  She never had this talent before then, and she says she’s never been an exceptional speller or outstanding as a foreign languages student.

“When I’m talking to people I hear it forwards, but I can easily reverse it.  If I’m listening to someone for a long time, like in church, my head will just start turning everything backwards,” she said.

Ms. Katie Callan, who appeared with her on stage, first gave her the idea to try out for the talent show.  Gold explained, “In health class we made a list of ten reasons why we want to live, and for one of mine I wrote that I wanted to get a world record for my special talent.  Ms. Callan asked what it was, and I told her I could speak backwards.  So, she said to do talent show, and that she’d help me out.”

She is very serious about achieving a world record. “I want to get a world record for saying words backwards.  Right now, someone in India holds it,” she said.

Mercy is blessed to have so many incredibly talented girls who are eager to share their abilities with everyone.

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