The New Prom Dress Code

Monica Shammas, Entertainment Editor

Here at Mercy, prom fever has definitely begun. From the perfect hair, makeup and date, girls stress throughout the months of April and May to transform into a princess for one night. A new dress code, however, may have Mercy girls rethinking their outfit choices.

The Roostertail, a waterfront banquet hall in downtown Detroit, has been the site for Mercy’s prom for many years. This year, they have implemented a prom dress code striving to make the girls and boys dress more conservatively. Owner Tom Schoenith created the dress code that calls for dresses to be no shorter than six inches above the knee, no midriff bearing cutouts, and no plunging necklines. Dresses can be backless as long as they are not cut below the waist line. The boys may not untuck or unbutton their shirts. No one can take their shoes off unless they have another pair to change into.

Since the dress code has just been introduced, no one will be turned away this year. To keep from any hard feelings, the Roostertail will give any school that follows the dress code a $1,000 gift card towards any future events.

“I don’t think the dress code is too bad,” said senior Mary Sheena, “girls and boys should be dressed appropriately at prom.”

Keep this dress code in mind while shopping for prom dresses this weekend and you stay class Mercy High!