Sweepstakes Drive 2012

Christine LaRouere, Sports Editor

It’s that time of year again Mercy High! 2012 Sweepstakes has begun and is in full swing. The drive officially began Tuesday, March 27 after the opening Sweepstakes assembly and ends Wednesday, May 2. Every student is expected to sell at least six books to get out of uniform for the rest of the year. Ten books must be sold if students want to wear shorts. Remember, to be able to wear dress down, you must wear your button at all times. Also, daily prizes are distributed when winners, picked from ticket stubs, spin the sweepstakes wheel. At the closing assembly, additional prizes are given to top school seller, second top school seller, and the top seller in each grade. The Sweepstakes Committee even has a dance off planned between teachers if goals are met. Here are some of the goals that Mercy hopes to reach:

  • April 3: 1st Goal Day ($45,000 by the end of the day). If reached, April 4 is a day off.
  • April 17: 2nd Goal Day ($90,000 by the end of the day). If reached, May 25 is a day off.
  • May 2: 3rd Goal Day ($140,000 by the end of the day). If reached, May 18 is a day off.

Other than Spirit Week, sweepstakes brings out the tough competition between classes. Each class tries to sell the most books to get a day off that the rest of the classes have to attend. This skip day is May 1. To intimidate each other, each class releases a video at the opening assembly which makes fun of the other classes and motivating their own class to sell the most books. If anyone missed these videos, check them out below!

Sweepstakes is one of the most important fundraising events and every ticket sold counts. It’s up to you Mercy High to help the school out and hopefully get a day off!





Dance Off: