Maggie Blake, Staff Reporter

“Gorgeous, haunting, emotional.” These are just a few words used by Mrs. Kathy Sill to describe this year’s spring musical Carousel. As one of her all-time favorite shows, Mrs. Sill, the director, looks forward to opening night on Friday, March 16.

Carousel is the story of lovers Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan who fall in love and soon get married, costing both of them their jobs. The musical follows the turbulence of their relationship and a series of events that lead to Billy’s death. Billy is then given a second chance to make things right. A subplot of the show follows Julie’s best friend Carrie Pipperidge and her romance with Mr. Enoch Snow.

In 1999, Carousel was named Time Magazine’s Best Musical of the Twentieth Century. It has won numerous awards, including five Tony Awards in 1994.

“This is a very strong group, all the way through,” said Mrs. Sill of this year’s cast. Lead roles include junior Maggie Malaney as Julie and senior Veronica Battersby as Carrie. Other main roles are played by junior Jaclyn Godwin as Aunt Nettie, senior Shanyn Rapson as Mrs. Mullins, and sophomore Lana Grasser as Louise.

As show time quickly approaches, all the elements are coming together. From sets and musical numbers to costumes and makeup, each little part that makes up this incredible musical is coming into place.

“My favorite aspect of the show has always been the journey,” said Mrs. Sill. “Seeing it evolve and come together and seeing the kids grow in their characters and their ability on stage is what I like.”

“There are some very interesting technical aspects,” said Mrs. Anne Eddy. She has been working hard to make sure the sets and lighting are perfect for Friday night. One large challenge has been getting the carousel to work properly, especially since it is incredibly large and hard to move off stage.

Junior Maggie Malaney can’t wait for “the buzzing excitement” of opening night. Senior Veronica Battersby’s favorite part is the show coming together and spending time with her best friends backstage.

As the cast and crew prepares for the big night, Mrs. Sill hopes that everyone will take advantage of the chance to fall in love with this incredible musical. Be sure to support the theater department by coming to see the show! Show times include 8:00 p.m. on Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17, and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 18. Tickets for the show can be bought at the door or in advance and they are $12 for adults and $10 for children.

“I hope everyone comes out to see it,” said Mrs. Sill. “The kids have worked so hard.” With a beautiful score, stunning scenery, and a winning cast, this year’s production of Carousel is bound to be a success. Make sure you come ride the carousel.