Student Spotlight: Stephanie Luther

Elaina Weber, Features Editor

For most people, the sound of a ukulele bring to mind the large Hawaiian Israel Kamakawiwoole strumming along to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as palm trees sway in the background.  But to junior Stephanie Luther, the ukulele is more than that: it’s her hobby.

Also a guitarist, Luther picked up the ukulele a couple years ago as an effort to learn a few fun songs.  Since then, she has been asked to play for Mercy’s Annual Auction promotional video, which will premiere February 25th on the night of the auction.  The video features four Mercy singers, one guitarist, and Luther on the ukulele performing a remix of “Hey, Soul Sister” written by senior Colette Berg.

“It’s awesome!”  Luther said, when asked why she started to play the ukulele. “I also play the guitar, and so I’ve been interested in learning a new instrument.  There were a few songs I wanted to learn on the ukulele, so I looked into the price, and it was affordable.  Next thing I knew, I bought a ukulele.”

The ukulele is a member of the guitar family and has four strings.  Just like a guitar, it is played by brushing one’s fingers over the strings in various strumming patterns.  Some famous faces that have played the ukulele include Jack Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, and even Colonel Sanders, according to

Luther often brings her four-stringed, unique instrument with her to school, and Mr. Jan Wampuszyc’s seventh hour physics class occasionally enjoys her strumming before class.  The class always enjoys the instrument’s uniqueness as well as Luther’s always beaming attitude.