Stanton Comes to Town


Drew Stanton signs autographs for Mercy students.

Jessie LaRouere, Staff Reporter

When a male visits Mercy, most students know about it by the end of the day. When an attractive, pro-football player visits Mercy unannounced, almost everyone can recite his biography within five minutes of hearing his name.

Drew Stanton came to Mercy Tuesday and sent the school into a football frenzy. Stanton is currently a quarterback for the Detroit Lions and previously played for the Michigan State Spartans. The Lions are hoping to make it to the playoffs this year.

Junior Brittany Wenzel won an auction prize of having Stanton shadow at her school for a day. Stanton accompanied her to her 4th hour Anatomy class, signed autographs in the cafeteria 5th hour, and attended a gym class 6th hour where he answered students’ questions.

Stanton founded the High 5ive Foundation whose mission is to “improve the quality of life for all people with varying disabilities through raising public awareness and inspiring individuals toward achieving personal goals which at one time seemed unattainable.” Mercy’s student council donated $1000 to Stanton’s fund.

Chaos ensued wherever Stanton went Tuesday. Mercy girls were so excited about Stanton’s visit, that his name became a short-lived trending topic on Twitter.

Video Credit: Erin Pienta